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The trend of 2016 that will continue to run deep into 2017 is big and wide wheels. If 24×14’s and a 10 inch lift kit aren’t a practical choice for you, no worries. Some great wheels remain out there that will take your truck or jeep from boring to sexy. We put together a list of the top 8 head-turners trending in the market . These are going to require at least a leveling kit unless you’re the kind of guy or gal that finds a way to make things work when they aren’t supposed to (bumper cutting tools not included).

There are a couple themes among these wheels. One is the deep-dish, clean, straight spoke look. The other is a metal web wheel face design. An observation on wheel finishes to note – chrome is still in the popularity gutter. We’ve seen growth in other areas of painted wheels like metallic silver, but even the old-timers are asking for black wheels these days.

Fuel Maverick D538

1. Fuel Maverick

The Fuel Maverick is not new to the scene, but it continues to be one of the most popular Fuel Offroad wheels. It’s clean 8-spoke design looks good in every finish. The metallic finish is a nice change-up if you want to try a finish besides black. The 20×9 with a 0 offset works with a leveling kit and 295/60/20’s on half-ton pickups. The 20×10 has a nice deep lip, but comes with a higher price tag

Fuel Coupler D575

2. Fuel Coupler

This is a good looking wheel in the same vein as the maverick. The matte black finish looks great on a murdered out truck.

3. XD Rockstar 2

Some people love this wheel and some people hate it. Regardless of your opinion, this wheel sells. It offers the opportunity to customize the removable plastic outer spokes, but most of the ones we sell just leave them black. The lightweight plastic is a point of dislike for the haters of this wheel and it’s a valid point. But if the customizable spokes were metal and the wheels cost $45 more each, would there be as many sets of these on the road? Doubt it.

Fuel Assault D576

4. Fuel Assault

What’s great about this wheel is that it is it’s own design. There’s not many wheels that could be called similar to this one, and it looks sick. The sharp angles and concave design, give it a busy look that just really comes together. It comes in gloss and matte black with the matte black being the newer of the two finish offerings. The bigger the diameter; the better it looks.

Variation #4079 of MOTO METAL MO970

5. Moto Metal 970

Biggest. Bang. For. Your. Buck. This is the high value wheel of 2016. You can’t find a wheel on the market that delivers as much quality and aesthetic for the price point. The 20×10’s and 18×10’s fly off our shelves and make great wheels for a slick looking tire/wheel package that doesn’t break the bank. They have a gloss black lip with machine accents and for a little more money you can get the matte black with milled accents or the new gray spoke finish (which we aren’t big fans of). For those looking for a wheel that has a good balance between black and machined…here ya go!

6. Moto Metal 962

20×12’s all day long in this one. People are loving this wheel in a 20×12 with 33×12.50×20’s. Regardless of whether or not it’s going to rub, our customers keep demanding for the 12’s in this one. “Gimme’ that deep lip!” We can thank the flood of internet photos from some of our friendly competitors for the momentum of this popular look.

7. Mayhem Warrior

The Mayhem Warrior is one that looks great in both the machine finish and the black /milled. In 20×10 this wheel looks great on about everything. The 20×9 version is a little wanting though.

Sprocket H108

8. Hostile Sprocket

This wheel is one of our favorites for 2017. The face of the wheel has a webbed design that just looks good. What differentiates it from other 4×4 truck wheels is that it looks somewhat sporty. And the center cap looks good. This wheel will gain momentum in 2017 if the inventory keeps up with demand.

That’s our list so far for 2017! Comment below to let us know which wheels you like to most right now. We will update our trending wheels list throughout the year, so that you can stay on your game.

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